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Degen’$ Farm
4 min readApr 3, 2021

Welcome to Degen’$ Farm. Here you can farm unique NFT creatures and explore DeFi mechanics of this cryptofolk universe grown at the junction of art and technology. It ain’t much, but it’s honest work!

Ceci n’est pas une pipe!


Degen’$ Farm is an NFT collectible game based on the ERC721 standard of Ethereum blockchain. Each creature will not only delight its owner but also gain rewards for its keeper! The goal of the game is to be the first to farm unique NFT creatures which are not only ultra scarce, but also productive in terms of network fees accumulation. There are 2000 unique normie creatures awaiting to give birth to 400 chads, and then ultimately chads are to breed 20 rare degen creatures. The probability of farming unique degen and chad creatures depends on your luck, properly selected market momentum, and DeFi experience.

Normies are coming!


During the initial distribution 4500 $BAGZ (ERC20) are going to be offered for 0,1 ETH per 1 $BAGZ.

What’s in that $BAGZ?

1 $BAGZ allows you to reveal 1 NFT collectible (ERC721). Inside there’s either a unique normie creature or land and these are randomly distributed during the actual reveal process.

Chillin’ on my $BAGZ!

But how, ser?

After acquiring at least one creature and one land the farmer enters the farming cabinet and by connecting a Metamask wallet is able to set up a farming transaction. The farmer can select among lands and creatures and send the pair to farming. When the transaction is deployed — the timer starts. It takes one week or 168 hours to farm the creature. The farmer also receives an EGG NFT token which represents the current farming process and its unknown result.

You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.

This token can be traded on the market. After the farming is finished, the owner of the EGG NFT token is able to burn the land and reveal a randomly selected NFT in accordance with the probability level linked with the usage of selected protocols and the farmer’s tools employed throughout the process. Protocol interdependence and probability of giving birth to chad or degen creatures are explained in our docs.

Horse breeding explained.


If no chad or degen is born, the farmer receives 250 000 000 000 000 000 $DUNG (ERC20) instead of the land burned. Additional tools can be employed to increase the chances of farming a degen or chad. The initial set of tools (ERC721) can be exchanged only for $DUNG in DUNG SWAP cabinet. During the first 29 days farmers are also able to farm $DUNG in COMPOST.

Put your $DUNG to work in our COMPOST!
Dung Swap Menu.

But why, ser?

Degen’$ Farm is our attempt to embrace degen spirit and support the establishment of a new degen world order. The logic behind the game connects the dots between the most notable DEFI protocols. We are celebrating the farmership and rewarding the curious pioneers and innovators. And perhaps our act of art would be leaving a trace of spartan beauty on chain forever. Few.

The more one sows, the greater the harvest!

Wen drop, ser?

We are currently finalizing the development of our smart contracts and expect them to be delivered mid-May. All NFTs are ready to be minted. Follow our Twitter, join Discord and Telegram announcements.



Degen’$ Farm

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